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"Christmas in Space" is the fourth and final Christmas episode of the Cartoon Network original series Regular Show, and the series' second Christmas episode to be a full half-hour show. It was notable that this the show's last episode to air in 2016 before its burn off in the following mid-January.


The episode starts with the gang eating peppermint bark for the first time in space. When Benson tells the park gang that this Christmas could be anymore special, Rigby says Christmas stories and doesn't care about Eileen's statement about hearing from their loved ones again. Benson is not interested in the stories as they are more of a Halloween tradition rather than an Christmas thing. He is interested in telling them in a form of a song - carols. Skips stops Benson from beginning his carol and decides to tell a story.

Skips' Story[]

The crew stop by an ice planet to have fun in the snow, but the limit of sunlight is 5 minutes and once they run out of time, they get attacked by large yeti creatures.

Benson's Story[]

The gang's planning to go caroling, but a supernatural, guitar playing caroler terrorizes the crew by bringing all the stuff from "The Twelve Days of Christmas" to life.

Mordecai and Rigby's Story[]

Mordecai and Rigby were in charge of getting presents for everyone, but they forget to get a gift for Pops, so they need to go to the "Theoretical Mall" which is located in another dimension where everything happens theoretically.

Benson's Second Story[]

Benson is fat-up with Rigby's behavior so he punishes him by sending a message to Krampus. Only problem is he didn't think it would actually work and Krampus comes to the dome for Rigby. The crew will need to fight back to stop him.


  • Even though this is a Christmas episode, it has the same plot line for the Halloween-themed "Terror Tales of the Park" episodes.
  • This episode confirms that Muscle Man is Jewish, as he says a Sorrenstein Hanukkah tradition. Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights.
  • The Nine Ladies Dancing were the only verse, whom they never appear with other verses in 12 Days of Christmas.
  • Mordecai's mom would always give carolers cookies so they would go away.
  • Skips has a secret cookie stash in the toilet.


Voice actor/actress Character(s)
J.G. Quintel Mordecai
Hi Five Ghost
William Salyers Rigby
Ludlow the Laser-Nosed Reindeer
Sam Marin Benson
Muscle Man
Mark Hamill Skips
Minty Lewis Eileen
Roger Craig Smith Rocker Caroler
Celsius Snow Monsters
Fred Tatasciore Krampus
Space Santa

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