"Christmas is Busted" is a song sung by Tilly Green in the Big City Greens episode "Green Christmas". She sings it after her attempt to put a stop to Cricket's pranks accidentally results in her getting put on Santa's naughty list.


All year I was kind, all year I was good,
Like a nice kid, I did what I should.
But now it’s all ruined and Christmas is busted!
All because of the brother I trusted...

Cricket: "Aww don't worry about it Tilly! Being on the naughty list is great!"

I've been on the nice list every single year.
Not for toys or for presents, just simple Christmas cheer!
It's not about presents, it's about being kind.
Something you wouldn't get, in your evil mind!

I guess this is my fault.
Thinking there was hope for you.
But now I see clearly
That was never true.

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