Clyde McBride is one of the main characters from the Nickelodeon animated series The Loud House. He is a nerdy, intelligent 11-year-old African-American boy who is the adopted only child of same-gender couple Howard and Harold McBride. Clyde is Lincoln Loud's best friend and shares a lot of the same interests as him, such as video games and science fiction movies. In the show's first three seasons, he also harbored an unrequited crush on Lincoln's oldest sister, Lori, to the point that he often acted like a malfunctioning robot or faints whenever he's around her, and also detested her actual boyfriend, Bobby Santiago; this running gag seems to have since come to an end in the fourth season.

In the show's Christmas episode, "11 Louds a Leapin'", Clyde is first seen attaching a sprig of mistletoe to his winter hat, obviously intending to get a kiss from Lori. Just then, he receives a call from Lincoln, who has just lost his Fearsome Flyer 8000 sled in Mr. Grouse's yard, and needs Clyde's help in retrieving it. As part of Lincoln's plan, Clyde attempts to sing Christmas carols to Mr. Grouse to distract him, but he fails to prevent the old man from taking Lincoln's sled. Then, when Lincoln sees that Mr. Grouse is going out for a few minutes, he gets Clyde to provide lookout while he sneaks into Mr. Grouse's house to get the sled. Unfortunately, Clyde accidentally steps on a catapult that Lana had set up to catch one of Santa Claus' reindeer and ends up flying halfway across town, breaking his mistletoe in the process. Later that evening, after Lincoln finds out why Mr. Grouse is so grouchy around Christmas, Clyde and his dads accompany the Louds in giving the old man a bus card so that he can see his family tomorrow, and spending the evening with him in the meantime. During the festivities, Clyde finally does get the mistletoe kiss from Lori that he wanted, and faints as a result.

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