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Come Dance with Me (called The Christmas Dance during production) is a Hallmark Channel original Christmas-themed movie, executive produced by Lewis B. Chesler & David M. Perlmutter. It premiered on December 8, 2012, as part of the channel's fourth annual Countdown to Christmas event.


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Jack is an executive in a financial brokerage firm trying to impress the firms president, Drew Clayton, in hopes of a promotion. However, Jack is dating the fabulously rich and elegant Demi Clayton, who happens to be Drew's daughter. Although Demi's mother Clarisse doesn't necessarily approve of Jack and would prefer her daughter to date a man within their social circle, Jack still plans on proposing. Trying to create the perfect proposal, Jack signs up for dance lessons in preparation for his proposal to Demi at her father's lavish annual Christmas Dance. But when sparks start to fly between Jack and his dance instructor, Christine, Jack will have to make some important decisions before it is too late.


Actor / actress Character(s)
Andrew McCarthy Jack
Michelle Nolden Christine
Stephanie Mills Demi Clayton
Mary Long Jessica
Zachary Bennett Rick
Chris Gillett Drew Clayton
Jane Moffat Clarisse
Danny Wells Eddie
Kyle Mac Allan
Jeff Dimitriou Choreographer
Amanda Cleghorn
Adam Lopapa
Exhibition Dancers
Richard Karn Sherman
Sarah Vance Cha-Cha Dance Student
Stephan Dickson Dancer

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