This article is about the 2003 Lifetime movie. For the Justice League episode of the same name, see Comfort and Joy (Justice League).

Comfort and Joy is a Lifetime original Christmas movie that premiered on December 1, 2003.


The life of Jane Berry was all materialist, until one Christmas Eve, she is involved in a car accident that changes her life forever. She wakes up to discover she is the mother of two, a wife and that her only job is in the house, besides her frequent volunteer work.


Nancy McKeonJane Berry
Steven EckholdtSam
Paul DooleyGeorge
Andrew ChalmersTroy Keller
Jordy BenattarHeather Keller
Maria HerreraAlison Phillips
Dixie CarterFrederica
Sandi RossDr. Frances Atkinson
Lindsay LeeseRenee Becker
Myriam SiroisJessica
Grant NickallsRichard Devries
Jim FeatherNate
Dwight IrelandAlbert
Smok-ee AllenAlicia Phillips
AJ SaudinDerek Phillips
Robert McCarrolDonnie
Chantele FrancisFemale Volunteer
Paul MacFarlaneMale Volunteer
Jonathan MillerMan in Apartment
Sal FigliomeniPhil
Jee-Yun LeeWeatherperson
Kelsey MathesonPretty Blonde
José AriasWally
Deborah Tennant
Mark Cassius
Jeannie Wyse
Robert Longo
Clive McLeanAdam Gorse
Jade Tsuruda
Caroline Tsuruda
Pretty Girls

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