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Comfort and Joy is a Lifetime original Christmas movie that premiered on December 1, 2003.


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The life of Jane Berry was all materialist, until one Christmas Eve, she is involved in a car accident that changes her life forever. She wakes up to discover she is the mother of two, a wife and that her only job is in the house, besides her frequent volunteer work.

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Actress/actor Character(s)
Nancy McKeon Jane Berry
Steven Eckholdt Sam
Paul Dooley George
Andrew Chalmers Troy Keller
Jordy Benattar Heather Keller
Maria Herrera Alison Phillips
Dixie Carter Frederica
Sandi Ross Dr. Frances Atkinson
Lindsay Leese Renee Becker
Myriam Sirois Jessica
Grant Nickalls Richard Devries
Jim Feather Nate
Dwight Ireland Albert
Smok-ee Allen Alicia Phillips
AJ Saudin Derek Phillips
Robert McCarrol Donnie
Chantele Francis Female Volunteer
Paul MacFarlane Male Volunteer
Jonathan Miller Man in Apartment
Sal Figliomeni Phil
Jee-Yun Lee Weatherperson
Kelsey Matheson Pretty Blonde
José Arias Wally
Deborah Tennant
Mark Cassius
Jeannie Wyse
Robert Longo
Clive McLean Adam Gorse
Jade Tsuruda
Caroline Tsuruda
Pretty Girls

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