"Comfort and Joy" is the second Christmas episode of the ABC drama Hotel, aired in the its fifth and final season.


With Christmas only two days away, new full owner Peter and general manager Christine prepare to host the annual St. Gregory Hotel staff party. Among the honored guests this year are Dave, the ex-bellman who became a San Diego attorney, and his pregnant wife, Megan.

Peter and Christine, returning from a Portland convention, become marooned in a remote mountain village when their rented Porsche breaks down. Because the local garage doesn't have the auto parts to repair it, they are forced to stay in a decrepit boarding house room with only one bed. On the second night, they share it with a hanging sheet as a partition, but eventually end up in each other's arms. Although they have drifted into friendship, the incident brings them closer together.

The hotel party is in full swing as Peter and Christine return and learn that Megan has given birth to a healthy baby boy. They rush to congratulate the new parents, and Dave makes a short but touching speech about the greatest Christmas gift two people could ever receive.

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