The 2001 animated series Justice League featured a Christmas-themed episode on December 13, 2003 called "Comfort and Joy."

The story begins on an ice planet where the superheroes are working to build a force-field generator to stabilize the planet's orbit. The gratitude felt by the inhabitants are decided as a good way to start their Christmas vacation back on Earth. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl stay behind to enjoy the planet's wintery weather, and engage in a snowball fight.

Back on Earth, the Flash makes his annual visit to an orphanage, where he promises to procure a rare doll for the children's Christmas wish. As he races all over the planet in search of a store who still has the item in stock, he eventually gets the idea from a Santa Claus window display to go to the source: the toy's manufacturer in Japan. With the last doll in hand, he heads for the orphanage only to be stopped by the Ultra-Humanite who damages the robotic doll in the process. In keeping with the holiday spirit, Ultra-Humanite fixes the toy with a few modifications: instead of farting, the toy now recites classic Christmas literature.

In the heartland of America, Clark Kent arrives home in Smallville, Kansas to spend the holiday with his adoptive parents. He brings with him another alien who didn't grow up with the Christmas traditions, the Martian Manhunter, who struggles to understand the meaning of the season.

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