Title card

This isn't a time for silly noises, 4!

— Numberjack 5

Counting Down to Christmas! is a special from the British children's television series Numberjacks.


3, 5, and 6 are busy setting up round decorations. They already did the first round decoration. They are doing the second round decoration. 5 commanded, "Left, right, left." 5 checked the temperature. It was 5 degrees. 6 says that 4 is working on the heat. When 4 fixes one pipe, 0 complains. 4 warns 0 not to touch anything. Next comes the third round decoration. 3 commanded, "Left, left... Sorry, I mean right. Now, right!" But they're all out of round decorations. The alarm sounded itself. Agent 20 has problems. It was about her Christmas ceiling decorartions. Her sister is not interested in their shape-and-size change. 5 and 6 fly out. 4 found a house number 156 (Agent 20's house) for 5 and 6 to land on. Then 4 left to fix the pipes. Agent 20's Christmas cookies are the wrong size and shape, too. Then, at the gym, 4 discovers that it is flooded with ice. It's down to 0! Meanwhile, at Agent 20's house, her dad is having problems wrapping paper. At the gym, 1 and 2 go ice skating. 4 returned to the Control Room, when he saw the Shape Japer, he says "B...b...b..." 5 says it's no time for silly noises. Then 3 and 4 shout, "Behind you!" 5 and 6 look behind. "There's nothing there!" says 5. "Behind you! Behind you! Behind you!" yell 4 and 3. 5 and 6 look behind again. Imitating 5, 6 says, "There's nothing there!" "BEHIND YOU!" holler 3 and 4. 5 and 6 look at the Shape Japer. 3 started up the Brain Gain machine. But the poor Brain Power is getting wobbly. Then 5 wondered what could go wrong with Christmas. "She might change the shape or size of the reindeer's antlers, and they couldn't pull Santa's sleigh. Or if Santa did arrive, the Shape Japer, might change the size of the chimney. Or if you were pulling a cracker, it might become enormous, with an enormous bang!" 5 and 6 found a numberless advent calendar. Outside the house, is the Numbertaker! What's making the Brain Gain go wobbly? At Agent 20's family dinner, Spooky Spoon makes spoons come alive. The meanies ruin Christmas dinner! Agents reply that 1 and 2 made the Brain Gain go wobbly by wobbling on the ice. 3 goes to the gym to make straight Brain Gain. Brain Power turned family dinner back to normal and made Christmas come true. 5 and 6 sorted the meanies and returned. They watched a replay of what happened. It's snowing in the gym! 4 became a snow-number. One last round decoration coming up. 3, 4, 5 and 5 yell, "Left, right, left!" 3 says "Lovely." Then, the Numberjacks from 0 to 9 wish the viewers a Merry Christmas.


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