"Crazy Love" is the fifth Christmas episode of the FOX drama Melrose Place, aired in the show's fifth season.


Sydney resents Jane's new relationship with her mother. Sherry lies about the identity of Jane's biological father, but later reveals that he was a producer with whom she had slept with to win a part. Amanda and Craig take a business trip to Palm Springs. When Peter arrives to surprise Amanda, he finds her having dinner with Craig and wearing a pearl necklace. Peter refuses to listen to her explanation and trashes the restaurant. She throws him out of the apartment. Taylor decides to donate one of Samantha's paintings to a charity auction. She (who hasn't received any money from the sales) tries to buy it back, but Sydney bids on it to drive up the price and make Kyle look generous. She is in a bind when she accidently buys it and hopes that the man who bid against her will take it off her hands. He is actually an employee of computer genius Carter Gallavan, who buys it and takes a liking to her. Billy retrieves the one that Samantha gave to Craig. He and Samantha decide they belong together. Kimberly plans to die in a staged accident so that Michael can benefit from her insurance money. Jake and Alison take a Christmas getaway to Park City. Dan showers Matt with gifts in an attempt to gain control of him.

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