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Cricket On the Hearth

"Cricket on the Hearth" is the title song from the Rankin/Bass television special of the same name. The first part of the song is sung by Danny Thomas, and the latter by The Norman Luboff Chorus.


Host: One Christmas morning
You may look into your stocking
And find that something shocking has occurred
Among the candy canes and toys
You'll hear a funny little noise
You've got yourself a cricket on the hearth

Chorus: Cricket on the hearth
Take that horseshoe off your door
With a cricket on the hearth
You can leave that lucky penny sittin' on the floor

Cricket on the hearth
Throw that rabbit's foot away
With a cricket on the hearth
You can save that sticky wishbone for another day

Let him abide by the fire side
And luck will come a knockin' on your door
And the spirit of Christmas will live with you

Cricket on the hearth
See that mistletoe above?
With a cricket on the hearth
Cut it down you'll still be lucky

Step on a crack and spill the salt
Cross a cat that's black,
Not a thing can halt your luck
When you have a lucky cricket
Cricket on the hearth