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Crown for Christmas is a Hallmark Channel original movie, starring Danica McKellar and Rupert Penry-Jones, and executive produced by Brad Krevoy, that premiered on November 27, 2015, as part of the channel's sixth annual Countdown to Christmas event. Through Danica McKellar is the lead actress, her mother and son, Mahaila and Draco, have cameos admiring a Christmas tree.


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King Maximilian of tiny European (fictitious) Winshire enjoys staying in New York, where ignorant commoners treat him as equal. When Allie Evans, covering for her sister during an audition hence unable to clean the hotel VUP suits, runs into him and sweetly tries to make up, he's charmed but her boss fires both siblings. Royal butler and confident Fergus notices she still honestly returns is master's left-behind watch and offers her a cash reward, which she declines despite dire need to pay for brilliant brother Aaron's studies, hen vets and hires her as umpteenth governess for the royal princess Theodora, an insufferable brat. While staff is divided about unconventional Allie, she gets trough to the motherless girl and clearly wins unprecedented royal favor, compromising the chancellor's plan to see Maximilian remarry his 'fitting' youth love Celia of Luxemburg.


Actress/actor Character
Danica McKellar Allie Evans
Rupert Penry-Jones Max
Ellie Botterill Theodora
Pavel Douglas Fergus
Colin McFarlane Chancellor Riggs
Amy Marston Miss Wick
Alexandra Evans Celia
Emma Burdon-Sutton Mrs. Claiborne
Rose Neville Lisa
Rollo Skinner Aaron
Deborah Moore Mrs. Hinden
Cristian Bota Carter
Isabela Neamtu Baroness Miruna
Matei Negrescu Count Busteni
Salvador Morales The Nelson Kid
Mahaila McKellar Woman admiring Christmas tree
Draco McKellar Verta Boy admiring Christmas tree
Britney Waldron Santa's photographer

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