Frosty and Crystal, holding the frost flowers together.

Crystal with her husband and kids in Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July.

Crystal is a female snow person who is the wife of Frosty, introduced in Frosty's Winter Wonderland and later reappeared in Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July.


In Frosty's Winter Wonderland, when the kids realize how lonely Frosty is after they go back to their homes, they make him a snow wife, and he names her Crystal. Unlike Frosty, she is not brought to life by being given a hat like him, but later that night, Frosty shows his love for Crystal by giving her a bouquet of frost flowers. This gift of love is what brings her to life. Shortly after, Jack Frost, who's been jealous of Frosty's popularity, casts a wind that blows off Frosty's hat and reverts him to his original inanimate state. But much like how Frosty's love brought her to life, Crystal does the same in return by giving her beau a snow flower for a corsage and kissing him, which revives him. Afterwards, they have a winter wedding, when suddenly Jack Frost interferes again, but Crystal manages to get the sprite to stop antagonizing her husband-to-be by asking him to be their best man. After the wedding, Jack repays the snow couple's kindness by making winter last longer so they can stay in town. Eventually, though, Parson Brown reminds everyone that winter cannot last forever, so Crystal joins her husband as he returns home to the North Pole.

In Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July, Crystal and Frosty now have twins, Chilly and Milly. When Rudolph's friend, Milton the ice cream man, reveals that the circus owned by his girlfriend Lanie's mother, Lilly Loraine, is in danger of foreclosure due to heavy debt, Frosty offers to take Crystal and his children with Rudolph to help out. However, in order to do so, the ice wizard, Winterbolt, gives Frosty, Crystal, and their twins, special amulets that will keep them from melting until the 100th firework from the Fourth of July celebration goes off. However, when Rudolph learns of this, he takes the blame for the theft of the box office earnings, under the agreement from Winterbolt to extend the duration of the amulets for an indefinite period of time as long as Rudolph's nose remains extinguished. Crystal is deeply upset about this, and things get worse when Frosty gives up his hat that vivifies him to Winterbolt, leaving him inanimate again, breaking her heart, and those of their children. However, Rudolph returns with both Frosty's hat and the box office earnings, reviving Frosty and revealing the true culprit to be Sam Spangles, who is promptly arrested. Winterbolt arrives, only to have his ice scepter shattered by Lilly, which undoes all his magic, and thus causes Crystal, Frosty, and their children to melt. Luckily, Big Ben arrives with Jack Frost, who is able to revive Crystal and her family, and keep them frozen in their snowman forms until Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus can take them back to the North Pole, while Rudolph stays with the circus until they are out of debt.


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