Sometimes, love hurts!

— Cupid

Cupid is a recurring character from the Nickelodeon animated series The Fairly OddParents. Based on the god of love as depicted in Roman mythology, he is a fairy whose purpose is to create love all over the world. It is revealed in the series' Valentine's Day special, "Love Struck!", that he will die if there is no love in the world. He is extremely effeminate, though he also has an arrogant streak that contrasts his love-themed abilities.

As a figure commonly associated with Valentine's Day, Cupid is not a character typically associated with Christmas specials, but the Fairly OddParents version of him played a major role in the series' first Christmas episode, "Christmas Every Day!" In it, as a result of Timmy Turner wishing that every day could be Christmas, Cupid joins forces with the Easter Bunny, Baby New Year, and The April Fool to eliminate Santa Claus and end Christmas.

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