Defending Santa is a Ion Television original Christmas movie that is premiered on November 24, 2013.


While responding to the report of a broken down vehicle on Christmas Eve, Scott Hanson, a ski resort town sheriff/father/widower, stumbles upon a sleeping Santa in the snowy woods. With his sleigh ride in doubt after spending nearly a year in a coma, Santa is put on trial to defend his identity. As the small town learns to "believe," Sheriff Hanson also begins to fall for Santa's court-appointed defense attorney, Sarah.


Dean CainSheriff Scott Hanson
Jud TylorSarah Walker
John SavageJudge Willis
Gary HudsonRobert Nielson
Eric WoodsWilliam
Bill LewisKris Kringle
Jamie McRaeSusan Hanson
Cooper BarnesDeputy Sam Bryant
Jodie SweetinBeth
Seth MenachemMark
Harry VictorJack
Nicole HelenLisa
Joseph WalshMayor Joe Jacobs
Roz WittLorraine
Barry JennerHarry
Andy ClemenceDr. Rogers
Madison FairGracy
Mel FairKyle
Marisa PetssonDr. Flowers
Benjamin EasterdayP.I. Tyler
Emily HarrisonAshley
Cole SandAlex
Jadon SandCameron
Carter SandMichael
Heidi FielekNewsreporter
Elizabeth FriedmanMila Holden
Laurie LoveJessica
Bunny LevineElderly Woman
Vincent De PaulTony Smithson
Kahilan SkibaChild
Chintamani LilaMichael's Mother
Dominic RossStew Stigman
Paul HoeprichBritish Newscaster
Richard AndersonNon-believer
Elise BallardMrs. Willis
Blanca BlancoAna (Spanish News Reporter)
Patrick StalinskiJon Smith
Paul Roberts (uncredited)Party Guest
Paul Rose Jr. (uncredited)Lawyer
Bryan Stamp (uncredited)Courtroom Gallery Defense

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