Denzel Quincy Crocker is a recurring villain from the Nickelodeon animated series The Fairly OddParents. He is Timmy Turner's mentally unstable schoolteacher who believes that fairy godparents are real (to the point that he spasms every time he mentions them), despite everyone ridiculing him for thinking so. In almost every episode he appears in, he is constantly attempting to capture Timmy's fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, and use their magic to take over the world. In one episode from the show's third season, it was revealed that he was actually a very kind kid in his youth, and that Cosmo and Wanda were his fairy godparents. However, an incident involving a time-traveling Timmy caused young Denzel to lose his fairies, which resulted in him becoming the sadistic man he is now.

Crocker does not appear in either of the two Christmas episodes of the original animated series, but he does have a major role in the series' second live-action movie, A Fairly Odd Christmas, which takes place approximately thirteen years after the events of the original series. At the movie's beginning, Crocker is still seeking to capture his former student's fairy godparents, though he also finds out very quickly that he has always been on Santa Claus's naughty list. When he sees two of Santa's elves, Dingle Dave and Christmas Carol, having arrived in Dimmsdale to take Timmy and his fairy family to the North Pole, Crocker stows away under the elves' minivan. Once at the North Pole, he tries to sneak in to Santa's workshop disguising himself as an elf (and ends up having his ears sharpened when one of the actual elves catches him).

After Timmy decides to seek out Elmer the Elder Elf in order to get his name off of the Naughty List, Crocker reveals himself and says he's coming with him, since he wants to get off the Naughty List too. Despite their past battles, Crocker eventually comes to respect Timmy over the course of the journey, and even stands up for him when it seems Elmer will not remove his name from the Naughty List. Although Elmer only removes Timmy from the Naughty List, Timmy later allows Crocker to assist him in delivering Santa's presents. Afterward, on Christmas Day, Carol and Dave present Crocker with a new tie, the first real Christmas present anyone has ever given him.

In the next live-action Fairly OddParents movie, A Fairly Odd Summer, Crocker is shown being evil again, therefore indicating that his reforming at the end of A Fairly Odd Christmas was only temporary.

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