Dexter is the main character from the Cartoon Network original series Dexter's Laboratory. He is a young boy genius with a secret laboratory filled with highly advanced equipment hidden behind a bookcase in his bedroom. He is often in conflict with his ditzy older sister, Dee Dee, who always mysteriously gains access to his lab despite his efforts to keep her out.

Appearances in Christmas specials

Dexter's Laboratory


Dexter gets stuck in his family's chimney in "Dexter Vs. Santa's Claws".

As the main character of Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter naturally has a prominent role in the series' Christmas episode, "Dexter Vs. Santa's Claws". The episode's plot revolves around Dexter's belief that Santa Claus is really just his and Dee Dee's father wearing a costume. When Santa himself shows up, Dexter chases after him in his rocket, eventually taking him down and shaving his beard off, only to find out that Santa is, in fact, not his father in a disguise.

Other Christmas productions

Dexter also guest-starred in the segments produced for A Very Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Holiday Special, a special edition broadcast of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. In one segment parodying a scene from A Christmas Story, Dexter dares Johnny Bravo to stick his tongue on the frozen TV monitors.

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