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Dilly and the Book of Bad Behavior is a short story about Dilly the Dinosaur.


Dilly is very excited for Christmas, even though it is only the middle of November. His parents remind him that Dino Claus (the dinosaur version of Santa Claus) only brings presents to good children and writes down the names of the naughty ones in his Book of Bad Behavior, so he will have to be good from that day until Christmas in order to get presents from Dino Claus.

Dilly takes this too seriously and decides not to allow himself to become excited because he is known for being especially naughty when excited. When November passes into December, his parents ask if he wants to help make Christmas cards, but he states through gritted teeth that he is not giving any. His parents worry that this means he is sick, but he replies that he is fine and just does not want to get excited for fear of being naughty and therefore getting into the Book of Bad Behavior. He then suggests that nobody mention the word "Christmas" until the Big Day because the mention of Christmas makes him excited.

This causes problems, because they do not get a Christmas fern until a week before Christmas, and they have trouble getting into the spirit due to not mentioning Christmas. Mrs. Dinosaur says that she and Mr. Dinosaur do not mind if Dilly is naughty, but he says that their opinions are not important. One of the parents complains that "only Dino Claus could improve the situation", which gives Dorla the idea to visit Dino Claus at the mall, who tells them that he is not writing any more names in the Book of Bad Behavior for the year, so Dilly is allowed to be naughty.

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