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This article is about the song. For the character, see Dino.

"Dino the Dinosaur" is a song sung by Fred Flintstone while he is working as a department store Santa in The Flintstones episode "Christmas Flintstone". In the song, Fred tells a story about Dino helping find a Christmas tree for some kids.

The song, along with the episode's other song, "Christmas is My Fav'rite Time of Year", was included on the album The Flintstones: Modern Stone Age Melodies in 1996.


Dino the Dinosaur
Heard some children say
"We don't have a Christmas tree
to trim for Christmas Day."

So Dino the Dinosaur
Said, "I mustn't fail!"
And he found a tree
and sawed it down with his funny tail.

And the children
were surprised and said,
"Who trimmed
this lovely tree?"

And who do you think
just gave a wink
and smiled secretly?

Dino the Dinosaur
Felt proud when Santa called,
"That's the finest tree
I ever did see."

(2x) "Merry Christmas
one and all."