Doggle is a character in the 1998 film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie and is one of Santa Claus's elves.

He first appears along with his friend and co-worker Boone delivering mail, hopping that one day they can be promoted to working in Santa's workshop. However whilst crossing Stormella's bridge, they mail truck skids and crashes into Stormella's ice garden destroying her statues to which the two elves flee with Doggle accidentally leaving his hat behind.

Later Stormella arrives at Santa's workshop demanding to know which elf destroyed her ice garden showing off the hat as evidence when Mrs. Claus asks how she knew an elf did it. Santa asks for the one responsible to come forth to which Doggle and Boone do, begging Santa not to let Stormella take them. Stormella then demands Santa to hand over the two elves to which Santa refuses causing Stormella to declare her bridge off limits and says she will create a storm to put Santa out of business if anyone crosses it.

Doggle is next seen years later at The Junior Reindeer Games serving as Rudolph's rider in The Sleigh Race event which they win but the referee disqualifies Rudolph after his nose light up causing his cousin Arrow and the other competitors to crash which the referee considers as cheating (unaware that it was Arrow's taunts that caused Rudolph's nose to light up) which disappoints Doggle and says sorry to Rudolph.

Later, Doggle along with Boone are sent out to find Rudolph and Zoey (who had left to look for Rudolph) and stop by Leonard's cave and finds Rudolph's bag pack there. The two eventually find the two reindeer (thanks to the light of Rudolph's nose) along with Leonard & Slyly after they rescued Zoey from Stormella and bring them back to Santa's Village.

Doggle is last seen along with Boone and the other villagers sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" after Rudolph returns after helping Santa and the Flyers get through Stormella's storm with the light of his nose.

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