"Don't Laugh and Make Somebody Cry" is a song from Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey that is often cut from some later airings on television; particularly ABC Family.The song was reinstated, while being trimmed down some, for the 2018 airing on AMC


Don't laugh and
make somebody cry
Don't make it rain
from sunny sky

Sometimes a little
holdin' in
That sly
escapin' grin

Though funny
it may be
We'll show
some sympathy

Don't laugh and
make somebody cry
A little love
is not a lie

If roles turn
suddenly askew
And someone
laughed at you

You'd never
laugh again
You'd understand
it then

Don't laugh and
make somebody cry
Therefore the grace
of god, oh why

That's something you
can keep in mind
The next time
that you find

You've made
somebody cry
Don't make
somebody cry

Don't laugh and
make somebody cry

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