Dot and Spot's Magical Christmas Adventure is a 1996 syndicated-animated Christmas special, presented by Toys "R" Us.


Santa needs the help of Dot and Spot on Christmas Eve.


Dot and Spot (voiced by Debi Derryberry and Cam Clarke, respectively) are two Dalmatian puppies who live in a log cabin in the wilderness with the loving Marshall family, which consists of Steve (Jeff Glenn Bennett), his wife Maggie (Ellen Gerstell), and their two children, nine-year-old Robin (Anndi McAfee) and seven-year-old Ryan (Adam Wylie). Ryan is heartbroken because he keeps wishing that his family could stay in the big city. But they moved to the wilderness because his father changed jobs from zookeeper to forest ranger. Ryan keeps saying that specific things happened in the city, including seeing deer at the zoo.

One day on Christmas Eve, the family goes for a hike through the snow, and the sleigh accidentally hits a rock, knocking Ryan off of the sleigh and down a mountainside. Dot and Spot come to Ryan after he regains consciousness, and he claims his accident never happened in the city.

Later that night, the kids are introduced to a telescope so they can track Santa's progress. But when heavy winds knock Santa Claus' sleigh off course and onto a mountain top, Dot and Spot see this and wake the kids up. Ryan and Robin convince their father that Santa is stuck on top of the mountain, but he sees nothing. Worried that Santa wouldn't make it for Christmas, Ryan and Robin and Dot and Spot venture through the snow and overcome some icy obstacles including a deep mound of snow, an icy river, and the cliff of the mountain. When they reach the top, meet Santa Claus (Earl Boen), who asks them to get his sleigh out from under a boulder on the mountain, otherwise he'll be stuck there for good.

Dot and Spot start to speak on Christmas Eve to Ryan and Robin (if they listen with an open heart), and the kids, with the help of the puppies, get the sleigh out from under the boulder. The sleigh picks up speed, but is stopped by Santa's strength before it falls off the cliff. Santa offers them a ride home which the quartet agree to. By the stroke midnight, the barks come back to the puppies in the place of their voices. On Christmas morning, the kids' parents are amazed to see the Christmas miracle Dot and Spot did. Ryan sees deer outside, and he realizes that if his family chose to stay in the city, he would not have seen Santa's magic, or the magic of his new home.


Debi Derryberry as Dot

Cam Clarke as Spot

Anndi McAfee as Robin

Adam Wylie as Ryan

Jeff Glenn Bennett as Steve

Ellen Gergtell as as Maggie

Earl Boen as Santa

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