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Douglas "Doug" Yancey Funnie is the titular protagonist of the animated television series Doug. He is a shy, extremely insecure, somewhat clumsy, gullible, naive, preteen boy with an enormous heart, a large imagination, a talent for writing, and a love for music. Doug narrates every episode, and writes his experiences in his journal.

Appearances in Christmas specials

The series' first Christmas episode, "Doug's Christmas Story", opens with Doug and his friends playing a game of ice hockey at Lucky Duck Lake when Doug's dog, Porkchop, bites Beebe Bluff's leg. Unaware that Porkchop was actually just trying to save Beebe from falling through a hole in the ice, Doug scolds his dog for accidentally hurting her. However, to show that there are no hard feelings, Doug picks up a hat as a Christmas gift for Porkchop while out Christmas shopping with his sister Judy. When Doug returns home, though, he finds that Porkchop has been placed under arrest and is being taken to the city dog pound due to what happened at the lake, and to make matters worse, Beebe's father, the town's owner Bill Bluff, is pressing charges against the Funnies. Doug goes around Bluffington, circulating a petition to have Porkchop set free, and later tries to break Porkchop out of the pound, neither of which are successful. Later, at Porkchop's trial, Doug makes a speech to everyone about how much Porkchop has done for the community, telling them that they should go to Lucky Duck Lake and let Porkchop try to explain his side of the story. When they go out to the lake, they do indeed find out that Porkchop was just trying to protect Beebe from falling into the lake after he comes to her rescue a second time.

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After the series' production company was bought out by the Walt Disney Company, Doug starred in another Christmas episode, "Doug's Secret Christmas". This special focuses on Doug becoming frustrated that, because his parents are expecting a new baby, they are too busy for their annual Christmas traditions, so he attempts to celebrate Christmas on his own. In the end, after Doug's new baby sister Cleopatra "Dirtbike" Funnie is born, the Funnies have their annual Christmas party shortly after Christmas.

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