Dr. Claw is the main villain from the DiC Entertainment animated series Inspector Gadget. He is the leader of the criminal organization M.A.D. (which, according to the merchandise based on the show, is short for either Malevolent Agency of Destruction or Mean And Dirty), whose face is never shown onscreen. He is always sending out his agents to eliminate his nemesis, Inspector Gadget, but they always fail this task, and Claw's plans are always foiled by Gadget's niece, Penny, and his dog, Brain.

In the series' Christmas special, Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, Claw, disguising himself as Santa Claus manages to plant mind control devices on Santa's elves and holds the real Santa captive. Claw then orders the elves to break all of the toys they're working on so that Santa's reputation will be ruined. At one point in the special, Claw states that his reason for wanting to destroy Santa's reputation is because Santa never brought him a Dirty Trick Sled that he wanted as a kid. Gadget fails to recognize the disguised Claw, but Penny and Brain see through his disguise. At the end, Penny and Brain manage to disable Claw's mind-control devices before the doctor can escape in his M.A.D. Jet with the broken toys in Santa's sleigh. The real Santa then unhooks his sleigh from Claw's jet, and Gadget ties the hook to a nearby candy cane prop. Santa's reindeer then break up the ice behind the jet, sending Claw drifting off into the distance as he once again vows that he will get revenge on Gadget for this.

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