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Ah. Happiness is always so much more enjoyable when it's based on the misery of millions!

— Robotnik, mere seconds before his Christmas scheme is foiled

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is the main antagonist from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise. He is an obese scientist with an IQ of 300 who dreams of dominating the world with his empire of robots. His plots are endlessly thwarted by Sonic the Hedgehog, his nemesis.

Appearances in Christmas specials[]

In the Christmas special spun off from the franchise, Sonic Christmas Blast, Robotnik fools the people of Robotropolis into believing that Santa Claus is retiring, and that he has been picked as Santa's replacement, named Robotnik Claus. As Santa's "replacement", Robotnik demands that all the children on Mobius give him presents for Christmas instead of the other way around. He even has multiple chimneys built onto his fortress, apparently expecting everyone to actually go down them to bring him presents. When his minions, Scratch and Grounder, inform him that Sonic has found out where he's keeping the real Santa captive, Robotnik orders them to get to the North Pole and capture Sonic, saying that would be the one Christmas present he wants more than anything, but they naturally fail at this. At the end of the special, Robotnik is shown admiring his stolen Christmas presents when Sonic zips into his fortress and reclaims them. The special would notably mark the final time the character was voiced by the late blues singer Long John Baldry, who passed away in 2005.

Over two decades later, the modern-day video game version of Dr. Eggman would don a Santa outfit in the one-shot YouTube short Chao in Space with the intent on stealing presents from Chao in a Chao Garden. However, his plans were thwarted by a sleepwalking Chao, who punches the bad doctor in the face, sending him over a cliff.

Eggman crashes the stream

Eggman crashes Tails' Christmas stream.

Eggman's most recent Christmas appearance was in "Surprise Gift Exchange Bonanza", a Christmas-themed installment of the web short series TailsTube.

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