Ebenezer is a 1998 Canadian made-for-television re-telling of Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol with Jack Palance giving a performance as Ebenezer Scrooge, á la Western genre.


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Ebenezer Scrooge is the most greedy, corrupt and mean-spirited crook in the old West and he sees no value in "Holiday Humbug." But when the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come open his eyes, Scrooge discovers that love and friendships are the greatest wealth of all.


Jack PalanceEbenezer Scrooge
Rick SchroderSamuel Benson
Amy LocaneErica Marlowe
Albert SchultzBob Cratchitt
Daryl ShuttleworthFred (Ebenezer's Nephew)
Richard ComarGhost of Christmas Present
Michelle ThrushGhost of Christmas Past
Richard HallidayJacob Marlowe
Susan CoyneClara Cratchitt
Joshua SilbergTim Cratchitt
Zoe Rose HesseCratchitt Daughter
Darcy DunlopMartha
Jocelyne LoewenRebecca Gordon
J.C. RobertsBenjamin Gordon
Kyle CollingsEbenezer (age 8, 12)
Aaron PearlEbenezer (age 17, 18, 25)
James DuganMr. Fezziwig
Linden BanksSimon Scrooge
Heather MacCallumMary Scrooge
Morris ChapdelaineCloaked Phantom
Billy MortonCowboy
Brenda ShuttleworthBess (Fred's Fiancée)
Hal KerbesMinister
Daniel LibmanMr. Hoffman
Thomas F. LeggShopkeeper
John R. NelsonEasterner
Des JardineBeggar
Karina FrislevEliza Scrooge
Jim Shield
Marcel Henry
James Baker
Poker Players
Danny Glasswick
Anthony Dalla Lana
Alex KulchyckiConductor
Lara, Christine, Marlowe & Céleste Huget
Kari Juget
Dennis Corrie
Katie Rowan


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