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|{{c}} [[Image:Scrooge McDuck.jpg|200px]]
|{{c}} [[Image:Scrooge McDuck.jpg|200px]]
|{{c}} [[Mickey's Christmas Carol]]
|{{c}} [[Mickey's Christmas Carol]]
|{{c}} 1983
|{{c}} 1983
|{{c}} [[Scrooge McDuck]]
|{{c}} [[Scrooge McDuck]]
|{{c}} -
|{{c}} Scrooge McDuck was created by Disney comic book writer/artist Carl Barks in 1947 for a [[Donald Duck]] comic book story titled "Christmas on Bear Mountain". Originally intended as a one-shot character, Scrooge proved to be so popular that he made many reappearances since then, and eventually he replaced Donald as the starring character in Barks' stories. He was named after the Ebenezer Scrooge characteer, so it was quite fitting that he would portray that character in ''Mickey's Christmas Carol''.
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|{{c}} [[Image:noimage.png|100px]]
|{{c}} [[Image:FredFlintstone.jpg|100px]]
|{{c}} [[A Flintstones' Christmas Carol]]
|{{c}} [[A Flintstones' Christmas Carol]]
|{{c}} 1993
|{{c}} 1993
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| colspan="5" | <h3>Female Scrooges</h3>
| colspan="5" |
<h3>Female Scrooges</h3>
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|- bgcolor=#eeeeee
! Picture !!Production !! Year !! Actress !! Notes
! Picture !!Production !! Year !! Actress !! Notes

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Ebenezer Scrooge is the main character in the Charles Dickens' tale, A Christmas Carol. He is a very cold-hearted, selfish man, who has no love for Christmas, children, or anything that even resembles happiness. The story of his transformation by the three Ghosts of Christmas (Past, Present, and Yet to Come) has become a defining tale of the Christmas holiday.

Bah, humbug!


Portrayals of Scrooge

Picture Production Year Actor Notes
Noimage Scrooge; or Marley's Ghost 1901 unknown -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1908 Thomas Ricketts -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1910 Marc McDermott -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1913 Sir Seymour Hicks -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1914 Charles Rock -
Noimage The Right to be Happy 1916 Rupert Julian -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1922 H. V. Esmond -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1923 Russell Thorndike -
Noimage Old Scrooge 1926 unknown -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1928 Bransby Williams -
Noimage Scrooge 1935 Sir Seymour Hicks -
Scrooge owen A Christmas Carol 1938 Reginald Owen Reginald Owen played Scroge in the 1938 film produced by MGM. The feature was originally intended to star Lionel Barrymore, who played the role of Scrooge annually on radio, but Barrymore was forced to drop out of the film because of his arthritis.
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1943 William Podmore -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1947 John Carradine -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1948 Dennis King -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1949 Taylor Holmes -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1950 Bransby Williams -
Scrooge sim Scrooge 1951 Alastair Sim Alastair Sim's performance as Ebenezer Scrooge in the 1950 production "Scrooge" is generally regarded as the definitive portrayal of the role. The film expands on the original story by adding Scrooge's rise as a prominent businessman who was corrupted by a greedy new mentor that had lured him away from the benevolent Mr. Fezziwig. Alastair Sim reprised the role two decades later, lending his voice to Richard Williams' 1971 animated version of the tale.
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1951 Ralph Richardson -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1952 Malcolm Keen -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1953 Noel Leslie -
Scrooge march A Christmas Carol 1954 Fredric March -
Scrooge rathbone 2 The Stingiest Man in Town 1956 Basil Rathbone Basil Rathborn plays Scrooge in a musical adaptation of the tale, originally broadcast live from the Alcoa Theater. Rathborn would go on to play Scrooge again in 1988's film of "A Christmas Carol" as well.
Noimage The Trail to Christmas 1957 John McIntire -
Scrooge rathbone A Christmas Carol 1958 Basil Rathbone Rathborn reprises the role of Scrooge in this production. He had played Scrooge prevously in the 1956 production of The Stingiest Man in Town.
200px Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol 1962 Quincy Magoo Mr. Magoo (voiced by Jim Backus) takes on an acting role where he plays Scrooge in a Broadway theatre play. There are number of references to Scrooge's (more accurately Magoo's) poor vision within the stage production presented in the special, a nod to the Magoo character. In the opening Mr. Magoo, out of character, is shown arriving at the theater, and at the end is shown taking a bow with the other actors.

Noimage Mr. Scrooge 1964 Cyril Ritchard -
Noimage Carry on Christmas 1969 Sid James -
Noimage Famous Classic Tales: A Christmas Carol 1970 Ron Haddrick -
Noimage Scrooge 1970 Albert Finney Albert Finney potrayal of Scrooge in this musical adaptation of "A Christmas Story" won him the a Golden Globe for The Best Motion Picture Actor in a Musical/Comedy in 1971.
Scrooge sims 2 A Christmas Carol 1971 Alistair Sim Alistar Sim, famously known for playing Scrooge in the 1950 production "Scrooge", reprises the role - this time voicing the character of Ebenezer for an animated adapation.
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1977 Michael Hordern -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1978 Warren Graves -
Scrooge matthau The Stingiest Man in Town 1978 Walter Matthau -
Noimage Rich Little's Christmas Carol 1978 Rich Little
(as W. C. Field)

Noimage Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol 1979 Yosemite Sam -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1981 William Paterson -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1982 Richard Hilger -
Noimage The Gospel According to Scrooge 1983 Robert Buchanan -
Scrooge McDuck Mickey's Christmas Carol 1983 Scrooge McDuck Scrooge McDuck was created by Disney comic book writer/artist Carl Barks in 1947 for a Donald Duck comic book story titled "Christmas on Bear Mountain". Originally intended as a one-shot character, Scrooge proved to be so popular that he made many reappearances since then, and eventually he replaced Donald as the starring character in Barks' stories. He was named after the Ebenezer Scrooge characteer, so it was quite fitting that he would portray that character in Mickey's Christmas Carol.
Noimage Scrooge's Rock 'N' Roll Christmas 1984 Jack Elam -
Scrooge scott A Christmas Carol 1984 George C. Scott George C. Scott potrays Scrooge. Scott was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or a Special for his portrayal in this version of A Christmas Carol. Scrooge notably wears dress-slacks, a dress-shirt, a vest and a smoking jacket on his journey through Christmases past, present and future rather then the traditional nightgown, slippers and cap. Sources have stated that Scott openly reeled at the thought of portraying Scrooge under such conditions, especially in mid-winter England.
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1984 Michel Bouquet -
Noimage Christmas Carol II the Sequel 1985 James Whitmore -
Scrooge caine The Muppet Christmas Carol 1992 Michael Caine -
100px A Flintstones' Christmas Carol 1993 Fred Flintstone Fred Flintstone (voiced by Henry Corden) wins the role of Scrooge in the play of A Christmas Carol at the Bedrock Community Theatre, he becomes so obsessed with the part that he begins living it, and through playing Scrooge he ends up learning a valuable lesson about his own selfishness.
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1994 unknown -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 1997 Tim Curry -
Noimage Ebenezer 1997 Jack Palance Set in the wild west, Jack Palance plays Ebenezer Scrooge, the "most greedy, corrupt and mean-spirited crook in the old West".
Scrooge Stewart A Christmas Carol 1999 Patrick Stewart -

Noimage A Christmas Carol 2000 Ross Kemp
(as Eddie Scrooge)
Eddie Scrooge, played by Ross Kemp, is an unscrupulous loan shark living on a poor estate, his business partner Jacob Marley is killed while out on business, though Eddie knows why he was killed he does no disclose this information to the police, or Marley's family. In this modern adaptation, Eddie is taught the true meaning of Christmas by the three ghosts of Christmas, past, present and future.
Scrooge callow Christmas Carol: The Movie 2001 Simon Callow -
Noimage Scrooge and Marley 2001 Dean Jones -
Scrooge Grammer A Christmas Carol: The Musical 2004 Kelsey Grammer -
Noimage The Northern Ballet Theatre presents A Christmas Carol 2005 Jeremy Kerridge -
Noimage A Christmas Carol: Scrooge's Ghostly Tale 2006 unknown -
Noimage The Carol Project 2006 Bill Bourne -
Noimage The Nutcracker: A Christmas Story 2007 Marc Wenke -
Noimage A Christmas Carol 2009 Jim Carrey The film, directed by Robert Zemeckis, will utilize the motion capture techniques previously featured on The Polar Express. Zemeckis wrote the screenplay with Jim Carrey in mind, and (like Tom Hanks in the Polar Express) Carrey has agreed to play multiple roles in the film, including Ebenezer Scrooge as a young, middle-aged, and old man, along with the three ghosts who haunt him.

Female Scrooges

Picture Production Year Actress Notes
Noimage Scrooge: A Christmas Sarah 1990 Sarah Greene
(as Sarah Scrooge)
Noimage Ebbie 1995 Susan Lucci
(as Elizabeth "Ebbie" Scrooge)
Scrooge tyson Ms. Scrooge 1997 Cicely Tyson
(as Ebenita Scrooge)
Noimage A Diva's Christmas Carol 2000 Vanessa Williams
(as Ebony Scrooge)

Other Chracters in the Scrooge Role

Picture Production Year Character Notes
Noimage Carol for Another Christmas 1964 Daniel Grudge -
Noimage A Special Sesame Street Christmas 1978 Oscar the Grouch -
Noimage Skinflint: A Country Christmas Carol 1979 Cyrus Flint -
Scrooge Winkler An American Christmas Carol 1982 Benedict Slade Henry Winkler plays Benedict Slade, a depression-era American version of Ebenezer Scrooge, who is visted by the three Christmas ghosts to see the error of his ways.
Noimage A Jetson Christmas Carol 1985 Cosmo S. Spacely -
Scrooge murrary Scrooged 1988 Francis "Frank" Xavier Cross Frank Cross is a selfish, cynical television programming executive whose concentration on his lucrative, fast climbing career cost him his true love, alienated him from his family and obliterated any chance of having a happy and fulfilling life. When he is given the task of heading up a live broadcast of A Christmas Carol, his life inexplicably begins to mirror the story he's producing.
Scrooge atkinson Blackadder's Christmas Carol 1988 Ebenezer Blackadder Victorian moustache shop owner Ebenezer Blackadder is the nicest man in England - until the Spirit of Christmas shows him what life in the past, present and future would be like if he was a little bit more mean spirited.
Noimage Christmas 1988 John Grin -

Noimage Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin's Christmas Carol 1992 Alvin the Chipmunk -
Noimage Animaniacs: "A Christmas Plotz" 1993 Thaddeus Plotz -
Noimage Beavis and Butt-head: "Huh-Huh-Humbug" 1994 Beavis -
Noimage Xena: Warrior Princess: "A Solstice Carol" 1996 King Silvas -
Noimage An All Dogs Christmas Carol 1998 Carface Malone -
Noimage Maxine's Christmas Carol 2000 Maxine -
Noimage Brer Rabbit's Christmas Carol 2002 Brer Rabbit -
Noimage A Carol Christmas 2003 Carol Cartman -
Noimage VeggieTales: "An Easter Carol" 2004 Ebenezer Nezzer -
Noimage Chasing Christmas 2005 Jack Cameron -
Scrooge oscar A Sesame Street Christmas Carol 2006 Oscar the Grouch -
Noimage Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas 2006 Daffy Duck Daffy is the owner of the Lucky Duck Mall, and he treats his employees very shabbily. After Daffy states he hates the holidays, Bugs warns him about the Ghosts of Christmas, which Daffy simply scoffs at. However the duck changes his tune after a vist from the series of Christmas spirits arrive and show him the err of his ways.

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