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"Ed's Christmas Story" is the Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom Mister Ed, produced and aired as the twelfth episode of the show's fourth season.


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Ed wants Wilbur to buy gifts for his horse friends. When Wilbur refuses, Ed tells him the story of how a horse was responsible for getting Santa Claus started in the gift-giving business. Meanwhile, Gordon talks Wilbur into entering a pact wherein they limit themselves to spending a mere $15 each on their wives.


After Shout! Factory acquired the video rights to Mister Ed in 2009 on behalf of MGM, the episode was made available on the Mister Ed: The Complete Fourth Season DVD set, released exclusively on Shout!'s online store on June 21, 2011. The DVD set, along with all the other season sets, was later re-released as part of Shout!'s Mister Ed: The Complete Series set in 2014.


Actor/actress Character
Alan Young Wilbur Post
Connie Hines Carol Post
Leon Ames Gordon Kirkwood
Florence MacMichael Winnie Kirkwood
Gage Clarke Mr. Hastings
Al Roberts Delivery Man
Mister Ed (Horse [body])
Allan Lane (voice [uncredited])

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