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Ed with a stocking

(dressed a Christmas elf): "Stockings ready for stuffing, Santa."

Ed and Eddy's Christmas ID

"I am sorry I wrapped you up, Eddy. Merry Christmas!"

Ed is one of the three titular protagonists of the Cartoon Network original series Ed, Edd 'n Eddy. He is the tallest of the three Eds, possessing amazing physical strength and an optimistic outlook on life. He is very absent-minded, which makes him the perfect candidate in assisting Eddy's scams, and tends to confuse fiction with reality and often speaks in non sequiturs most of the time. However, he is the most kind-hearted and good-natured of the trio, showing a positive attitude towards almost everything and everyone, even people who are not so nice to him, like his tyrannical younger sister Sarah.

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