"Eddie's™ Christmas Surprise" is the third episode from the second Little People volume "Christmas Discoveries".


The episode starts with Eddie™ and his frog, Freddie, walking to a gas station and checking if Jack™ & Walter™ were there. They weren't here so they go inside.

Eddie™ starts to play a flute, but it still needed some work. Freddie looks outside and hears Santa Claus. He then dresses up as him. Just then Santa arrives. Eddie™ was surprised to see him for real. Santa then asks him & Freddie if they could help him.

Outside, Santa shows Eddie™ the squeaky runner, and Eddie™ starts to fix it. He then shows Santa the whistles that he made for Jack™ & Walter™ to thank them for teaching him about tools. He starts to play one and scares Freddie & the reindeer. Santa tells him that the whistles were wonderful presents, and not for how they sound. He then tells him that there was one thing to do, which was a test ride. Later, ending it, Eddie™ & Freddie ride on Santa's sleigh, and Jack™ & Walter™ admire the whistles that he made for them.


  • This is Santa's first appearance in Little People.


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