Eduardo is one of the main characters from the Cartoon Network animated series, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. He is a large, muscular, threatening-looking, but actually very nice and loving purple cow, who speaks with a strong Spanish accent.

He appeared in the series' Christmas special, "A Lost Claus", where he was so happy to be spending Christmas with Mac and Bloo. Bloo wanted to prove the existence of Santa Claus to Mac, by having Eduardo, someone of Santa's large frame, shoved down a chimney. However, like Mac expected, Eduardo got stuck and Frankie had to call the fire department. Unfortunately, even they couldn't get him free and didn't bother going through too much effort because it was Christmas Eve and it was getting late. On Christmas day, Eduardo had miraculously been set free, because some big heavy thing (most likely Santa), pushed him all the way down.

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