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Egon Spengler, PhD, is one of the main characters from the 1984 film Ghostbusters and its sequel Ghostbusters II, as well as the animated series The Real Ghostbusters. Portrayed by Harold Ramis in the films, Egon is the brains of the eponymous paranormal investigators, having created their equipment alongside his coworker, Ray Stantz. He is the most serious and rigid member of the team, but does not have much social ability, as shown by his stiff interactions with secretary Janine Melnitz, and relying on Peter Venkman as the group's spokesman.

Egon's only appearance in a Christmas special, obviously, was The Real Ghostbusters Christmas episode, "Xmas Marks the Spot". Despite being the most coldly analytical of the team, he is ironically not as hostile to the holiday as Peter is; he instead views it as a distraction and at the start is largely indifferent to its importance, up until finding out that he and his teammates accidentally changed history. By that same token, working in the fields he does, he is very open to the mystic explanation for the events that occur.

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