"Eight Cent Reward" is the Christmas episode of the Four Star/CBS series Wanted Dead or Alive, produced and aired as the sixteenth episode of its first season. The teleplay is written by Christopher Knopf, from the story by producer John Robertson.


As Josh prepares to leave on Christmas Eve for Butte, young Laddie Stone and his dog enter the saloon with a job offer for Josh. He has eight cents to hire Josh to find Santa Claus. Before Josh can say much two locals, Harkrader and Vale, turn the offer into a joke on the boy saying Josh can have Santa Claus there by dinner time causing the boy to run out yelling for joy. The sheriff and the bartender as well as Josh are not amused letting the two know what they did. The sheriff says the Stone family had a successful sheep ranch but wolves have taken half of his flock. Josh rides to their house finding Laddie out doing chores but two upset parents. He explains what happened and learns Laddie won't tell them what he wants for Christmas but they have disappointed him the last two years and his dad wants to tell him the truth. Josh decides to find Santa by using the town drunk but things go awry… or do they.


Steve McQueenJosh Randall
Mort MillsHarmon Stone
Virginia GreggHilda Stone
Lloyd CorriganBen Hatch
Jay NorthLaddie Stone
John CliffSheriff Howard Klate
Sam BuffingtonHap Haefer
Richard ReevesVale
Robert FoulkHarkrader
James BellBoniface Terry

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