The cover for the DVD/Digital release.

Elfette Saves Christmas is the upcoming Christmas fantasy-comedy.


A not-so-ordinary elf named Elfette finds her vacation in Florida cut short when there’s suddenly a Christmas emergency: Santa Claus has been kidnapped by the New York Mafia’s crime boss, Little Georgie! Elfette to the rescue! Upon arriving in New York, Elfette finds herself lost in a human world she doesn’t understand and with a lunatic elf hunter named Ernest Killingsworth III in hot pursuit. To save the day and prove herself as an extra special elf, she must team up with her best friend Sparkle to save Christmas, Santa, and the elves before Christmas is ruined for the entire world!


Subject to change

Actor/actress Character
Quinton Aaron Santa Claus
Aléa Figueroa Sparkle
Zachary Vazquez Ernest Killinhsworth III
Kenneth McGregor
George Vricos Little Georgie
Buzz & Jann Van Dyke Board Members
Brielle Carter Elfette
Anais L. Blake

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