"Ellen's First Christmas" is the Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom The Ellen Show, originally aired as the show's eleventh episode.


Ellen decides to surprise Dot by flying in her Aunt Mary, to whom she hasn't spoken in years. Mary buys everyone very expensive gifts, going against Dot's rule of handmade, inexpensive ones. They also fight about Mary's successful career and Dot's way of life. Felling resented, Mary decides to go back to Chicago, and it's up to Ellen to save the Richmonds' Christmas now. She has a word with Dot, who finally decides to accept her sister and leave behind all the hard feelings between them. Unfortunately, there's nothing left to eat, except for Pam's gingerbread house.


The episode made its DVD debut on The Ellen Show: The Complete Series DVD set, released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on July 11, 2006. Mill Creek Entertainment (under license from Sony Pictures) released the complete series DVD set containing the episode on February 4, 2014.

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