Elmer the Elder Elf is a character featured in A Fairly Odd Christmas. He is an elf who is the Keeper of Santa Claus' Naughty List. He is very grouchy, as indicated by his secluded house at the end of a deadly path, and all of the signs outside his house, telling any visitors to go away. All of Santa's other elves are slightly afraid of him and are happy that they only get to see him once a year, when he brings the Naughty List to Santa.

In the film's story, Timmy Turner, having found that his name being on the Naughty List prevents him from filling in for the currently-amnesiac Santa, goes on a death-defying quest to find Elmer and get him to remove Timmy's name from the list. When Timmy and his group finally make it to Elmer's house, Elmer explains that the reason Timmy is on the Naughty List is because Timmy recklessly does not think of the consequences of the wishes he has had Cosmo and Wanda granting for people; for that reason, Elmer refuses to take Timmy's name off the list. However, after hearing Denzel Crocker give a rousing speech about how he has come to respect Timmy because he risked his life to save Christmas, Elmer says that he is impressed that Timmy's kindness was able to change Crocker's shriveled heart and officially takes Timmy's name off the Naughty List.

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