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Eloise at Christmastime is an ABC movie, based on the 1958 children's book written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight, that premiered on November 22, 2003, as an installment of The Wonderful World of Disney. As a sequel to Eloise at the Plaza, it was executive produced by Denise Di Novi and was a Handmade Films production.



The movie begins with a shot of the hotel lobby, with a large pink gift box leaning on the display table, in the middle of the room. The hotel manager, Mr. Salamone, asks one of the staff to take it to the package room. After two employees bring it there, it is opened and we see Eloise crawling out. She is on a mission to find any presents in the room from her mother, who is on a trip to Paris.


When Eloise does not find any packages from her mother, she then leaves the room in a large mess. She skips towards the lobby, and pushes into a long line at the check-in desk and interrupts a conversation between Mr. Salamone and two patrons, wishing to upgrade their current hotel suite to a park-side view room.


Eloise asks Mr. Salamone if there have been any packages from her mother, and he replies that there hasn't. He pushes her away, telling her that he is currently very busy. She pushes in the line again, offering him some unnecessary assistance. He declines, pushing her away from the hectic line.


Eloise leaves, but is instantly back in a flash, when she notices a suspicious man waiting in the line. She thinks that he is a spy, but Mr. Salamone declines, and instantly changes the subject so that she can leave the line. He requests her to look out for the hotel's Christmas tree delivery, which is due to be there any moment. He tells her to inform him when it arrives.


Eloise leaves the line, and tells the "spy" that she is keeping her eye on him.

The main focal point of the story deals with the impending marriage between Rachel Peabody, the hotel owner's daughter, and a bachelor named Brooks Oliver, who was chosen by Rachel's family to be her husband.

Eloise eventually learned that Brooks is into doing something suspicious. She also found out that Rachel had taken a liking with Bill, a room service waiter and one of her friends, four years earlier. When Mr. Peabody became aware of her relationship with Bill, he then sent her to a university, hoping to break her ties with him. Eloise then intervened with the relationship, much to Mr. Peabody's disappointment.

Eloise then succeeded at restoring Bill & Rachel's romance with each other; Brooks is then arrested for forgery, and Mrs. Thornton, who was in danger of being evicted, is granted a permanent stay at the hotel. And to top it off, Eloise's mother arrives and they rejoice.


Score album[]

In 2006, Intrada Records released a two-disc album collecting Bruce Broughton's complete score for both Eloise movies. The track listing for Eloise at Christmastime is as follows:

# Track title Length
1 "Main Title" (Overture) 2:34
2 "Very Suspicious" 1:09
3 "Eloise Meets Brooks; Max & Mrs. Thornton" 2:11
4 "Waking Nanny; My Very Own Room" :43
5 "Deck the Halls; Candycane Pirates" 2:48
6 "Cornelia's Package" 1:38
7 "Rachel Peabody" :39
8 "Eloise's Offer" :54
9 "Elevators & Kitchens" :26
10 "Still in Love" 1:02
11 "Housekeeping" :26
12 "She's Dead" 2:53
13 "Shopping Day Morning; Messages, Spies & Sprees" 2:33
14 "Shopping Day" (Montage) 3:18
15 "Mr. Thornton's Ghost" 0:13
16 "Haunted" :36
17 "Mrs. Thornton's Story; Troubled" 2:19
18 "Doggie In a Tutu" (Trepak) :35
19 "On True Love; My Job; Small Favor" 2:08
20 "Thwarted; Stay Out Of It" :43
21 "Eloise Figures It Out; Woo Pitching" 2:02
22 "Bills G. F.?" :51
23 "Playing with Prunella" :49
24 "Bavarian Chocolate Cake; Spy Gear" 1:24
25 "Brooks Stays" :51
26 "Right Off Schedule" :15
27 "Prunella's Apology; Cakes, Turtles & Hysteria; Spies" 2:53
28 "Pearls, Pickups and Phones; You Look So Happy" 3:50
29 "Christmas Eve" :52
30 "Eloise Gets Caught" :51
31 "Eloise Gets Put Away" :30
32 "Come In, Nanny; Nanny Rescues Eloise" 2:18
33 "The Wedding; That's Why; A Lot Of Things Happen; Der Ersatze Prinz" 7:23
34 "Hark! The End of the Show" 2:25


Disney released the movie on VHS and DVD on November 16, 2004.


Actor/actress Character
Julie Andrews Nanny
Sofia Vassilieva Eloise
Kenneth Welsh Sir Wilkes
Debra Monk Maggie
Gavin Creel Bill
Rick Roberts Brooks
Sara Topham Rachel Peabody
Victor A. Young Mr. Peabody
Corinne Conley Mrs. Thornton
Christine Baranski Prunella Stickler
Jeffrey Tambor Mr. Salomone
Tannis Burnett Miss Thompson
Seann Gallagher Rick
Debra McGrath Cornelia
Julian Richings Patrice
Cliff Saunders Max
Neil Crone Agent Kringle
Gene DiNovi Vincent
Sergio Di Zio Lou (Bellhop)
Arlene Duncan Lily
Donna Feore Eloise's Mother
Rothaford Gray Security Guard
Graham Harley Walter (Concierge)
Jason Jones Bartender
Colm Magner Thomas
Jack Newman Minister
Beatriz Pizano Female Tailor
Gerry Quigley Room Service Operator
David Sparrow Charlie (Doorman)
Tom Tumminello "Santa Claus"
Jonathan Wilson Frederic (Bellhop)
Roy William Gardner Traveling Salesman
Flossie McKnight Head of Housekeeping
Tony Sciara Marco (Assistant Chef)

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