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"Everyday Can't Be Christmas" is a song about how Christmas would no longer be special if it occurred every day. It was sung twice in the 1996 Sesame Street special Elmo Saves Christmas, first by Santa Claus in an attempt to convince Elmo that every day can't be Christmas (which fails), and later by Elmo (in a duet with Lightning) after he finally becomes convinced that Christmas should only be one day a year.

A clip from Elmo's version of the song was included in A Sesame Street Christmas Carol.


Everyday can't be Christmas
that wouldn't be such a treat
You can get tired of chocolate candy
when that's all you eat

Everyday can't be your birthday
that wouldn't be much fun
Too many birthdays aren't half as nice as one,
that you wait for...

Wait for joy and recall
That if every day was Christmas,
There wouldn't be Christmas at all