"Everything I Always Wanted" is a song featured in the 1979 Rankin/Bass Christmas movie Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July. It is sung by Crystal to Frosty about their love for each other.

The song is later reprised two more times: first by Milton in reference to his love for Lanie Loraine, and again by Frosty about what he's done for Crystal. The first reprise is cut from ABC Family's broadcasts of the film, but was reinstated in 2018 for AMC's airings of the movie.


Everything I've always wanted
You are "everything I've always wanted",
and I'll never let you go

I will take deserted byways,
dusty roads or cement highways.
Follow you through rain, or sleet, or snow

In my wildest dreams I never dreamed
I'd find somebody I would love
Much more than I could ever show

You are everything I've always wanted
More than anything, and if there's any doubt
Well now you know

[instrumental bridge]

[Repeat chorus]

If there's any doubt
Well now you know

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