"Fa La Erica" is the Christmas-themed episode of the Canadian series Being Erica.


50/50 Publishing is hosting an all-inclusive Christmas party. The self-professed queen of Christmas, Julianne, is taking charge to ensure that everything for the party matches the exacting standard of a Giacomelli Christmas. On the flip side, Adam, who attends the party nonetheless, has never had a merry Christmas, and he seems determined not to partake in the traditional Christmas festivities just to please others. In the middle is Erica, who, coming from Jewish background, has never officially celebrated Christmas with her family, but has observed its secular traditions as an adult as they surround western society. Erica will even miss the traditional first night of Hanukkah with her family because of the party. Regardless of Adam's feelings, Erica is determined to show Adam that Christmas, with its associated traditions, can be a happy time. As such, Dr. Tom sends Erica to three holidays past: first to a Giacomelli Christmas as a teen-aged Julianne, that experience which is a much tenser version of what Julianne had described; second to a Strange holiday past when Erica was twelve and who, along with her siblings, wanted so much to partake in the Christmas rather than Hanukkah traditions; and third to Adam's last Christmas day, which was spent with what he considered his best friend at the time. These experiences show Erica what is important to show not only Adam, but everyone, in making this indeed a happy holiday season.

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