Fallen Angel is a made-for-TV movie that premiered on CBS on November 23, 2003.


8-year-old Terry McQuin (Jake Brockman) lives with his widowed father, Mac McQuin ( Micheal Rhoades) who is a caretaker to the Wentworth cabin and other cabins of rich families. Terry's mother died when he was very young, so that made his father very protective. On his ninth birthday he is given a finger printing kit which he loves very much. He meets the Wentworth family Charles Wentworth (Rick Roberts) Mrs Wentworth (Alisa Wiegers) and four year old Katherine (Ryan Simpkins). Terry finger prints Katherine's thumb. One night Charles takes the kids to a hospital dressed as Santa Claus to give presents. The task is suceeded.

Unfortunately, while coming back during a winter storm, he accidentally kills a woman and a little girl after Charles car crashed into theirs while they were fixing their stranded car. Charles flees and is presumed dead. Young Katherine is crying and one of her shoes fell out, Katherine's mother leaves with Katherine forever. Terry's dad is overly protective after the accident and as a teenager Terry runs away and works as a business man in California. Years later a now grown Terry (Gary Sinies) returns after hearing his father died. He moves into the cabin and meets his childhood companion Katherine (Joely Richardson) who has a daughter she adopted Olivia Wentworth (Jordy Benatter). Olivia is blind.

Terry finds out that Charles Wentworth is still alive. he visits the hospital (The same one he and young Katherine visited before the accident) and finds a Christmas tree dedicated to Charles. When he asks the nurse she explains that Charles died years before in a car accident. Terry however has his own problems he is falling in love with Katherine and is trying to keep her father a secret. A construction worker and a friend of Charles tells Terry Charles is homeless and lives in a parking garage. Terry visits Charles. Charles explains he left because the accident was in his guilt. Terry comforts Charles.

Terry and Katherine go ice skating the next day, Olivia adopts a stray dog and plays with it. When Terry asks about her father, Katherine explains her mother told her that he was killed in the accident. Terry finally confesses to Katherine that her father is still alive. Katherine refuses to believe it but Terry tells her the truth. He tells Katherine he and her were children when they met, and were witnesses in a horrible accident in which a mother and child were killed. Katherine's mother filed for a divorce when her husband went missing and takes Katherine. (Katherine grows up believing her father died in the accident) Katherine is very upset and leaves with Oliva. Terry finally reunites her with her father who is very old now. Terry Katherine and Olivia live happily.

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