Farewell Mr. Kringle is a Hallmark Channel Original Christmas Movie that premiered on December 4, 2010.


SPOILER: Plot details or story follow.

The film is about skeptical journalist Anna Walls, who is assigned to chronicle the 50th anniversary of Kris Kringle, a Santa Claus in the town of Mistletoe. As her involvement in the town grows, she begins to open up to the enchantment of Christmas and some other wonders of the season.

After 50 years, Mistletoe's Santa Claus is hanging up his hat and Walls, a magazine writer, is assigned to find out what makes this Santa tick. Having tragically lost her husband on Christmas Eve, Anna has become a nonbeliever. But with the help of Mark Stafford, a former cutthroat divorce lawyer turned compassionate bed and breakfast owner, she finds there is something magical about this particular Santa.

Through various conversations with the townspeople, Anna quickly discovers how much Kris Kringle means to the small town, and how much Christmas means to Kris Kringle. And having lost his wife years before in an automobile accident on the week of Christmas, he honors his wife by being Santa Claus all year long; therefore, he is the perfect person to show Anna the true meaning of Christmas! He brings so much joy and happiness to the town that they changed the name from Summerland to Mistletoe and renamed all the local shops and streets. Through his benevolence and altruism, he brings Christmas magic to everyone. All the while Mark recaptures more than just Anna's Christmas spirit!

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Actor Character
Christine Taylor Annabelle Wahl
Christopher Wiehl Mark Stafford
William Morgan Sheppard Kris Kringle
Lin Shaye Zelda
Shashawnee Hall Mayor Phil Green
Michael Chieffo Hank
Vivica A. Fox Zoe Marsden
Tony Cicchetti Jake
John Farley Lloyd
Angela Pierce Dr. Nora
John Kapelos Harley
Katy Stoll Carly
Kristin Burke Betty Anne Clark
Jonathan Spencer Jonathan (animal shelter worker)
Harrison Forsyth Josh
Laura Niemi Emily
Joshua Snyder Brian Wahl
Chris Farah Sarah
Tate Berney Owen
Daniel Ross John
Roy Allen III Elderly Elf
Trevor Gordon Town boy #1
Tyler Gordon Town boy #2
Chas Scherer (uncredited) Townsperson
Danny Ursetti Elf band member #1

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