Father Christmas' reindeer are minor characters in The Snowman and supporting characters in Father Christmas.

They are the two pet reindeer of Father Christmas and pull his sleigh every Christmas Eve.

The Snowman

The reindeer appear briefly where they are seen inside a stable next to Father Christmas's sleigh. They met James, who is given a scarf by Father Christmas.

Father Christmas

The reindeer have a larger role in this film, which takes place roughly a year or so after the events of The Snowman.

They are first seen with Father Christmas on Christmas Eve returning home after delivering presents. They are then put into their stable where Father Christmas gives them food and hay.

The film then cuts to the previous summer where Father Christmas decides to go on holiday. He converts his sleigh into a camper van with the reindeer pulling it. Their first destination is France where they park in a field filled with cows. Following a case of food poisoning, Father Christmas takes the reindeer and the camper van to a camping site. Whilst Father Christmas goes to have breakfast, several of the other campers notice the reindeer and start petting them. After noticing this and that people are suspecting his true identity, Father Christmas decides that it's time to go elsewhere.

The next destination is Scotland where they land near a loch. However due to the cold shark infested waters, Father Christmas decides to go to Las Vegas.

After spending a month there, Father Christmas and the reindeer return home. On Christmas Eve, Father Christmas prepares the reindeer for pulling the sleigh. The reindeer are seen throughout "Another Bloomin' Christmas" where they stay on the rooftops of the houses Father Christmas goes to. After this, they guide the sleigh to the North Pole for a snowman party. The reindeer and the sleigh are taken to a stable by one of the snowmen.

After Father Christmas discovers that there are two remaining presents in the sleigh, he and the reindeer quickly leave to deliver them. The presents are delivered to Buckingham Palace where the reindeer are hassled by the palace's corgis whilst Father Christmas delivers the presents. Following this, they take off to return home with Father Christmas.


  • The reindeers names are not given, though they are known to be male as in Father Christmas in the scene where they head to the North Pole, Father Christmas says to them "nearly there boys".
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