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"Father Christmas" is a song featured in the 1970 film Scrooge. It is sung by a group of London street urchins, taunting Ebenezer Scrooge and sarcastically calling him Father Christmas.

At the end of the film, the street urchins sing a reprise, this time praising the now-reformed Scrooge.

The song was later utilized by Disney for the opening scene of the Disneyland stage show The Magic of Christmas and its televised adaptation, A Magic Kingdom Yuletide Special; in this case, the carolers are taunting Scrooge McDuck, who spends much of the show essentially reprising his own role as Ebenezer.


Father Christmas
Father Christmas
He's the meanest man in the whole wide world
In the whole wide world
You can feel it

He's a miser
He's a skinflint
He's a stingy lout
Leave your stocking out
For your Christmas gift
and he'll steal it

It's a shame
He's a villain
What a game
For a villain to play
On Christmas day

After Christmas
Father Christmas
Will be just as mean as he's ever been
And I'm here to say
We should all send Father Christmas
On his merry Christmas way


Father Christmas
Father Christmas
He's the greatest man in the whole wide world
In the whole wide world
And he knows it

Every Christmas
Father Christmas
Puts a great big sack
On his dear old back
'Cause he loves us all and he shows it

And he goes
For a sleigh ride
If it snows
Then he may ride all night
But that's all right

In the morning
Christmas morning
If you lift your eyes
There's a big surprise
On your bed you'll see
There's a gift from Father Christmas
That's how Christmas ought to be