"Fetal Attraction" is the fourth and final Christmas episode of the ABC sitcom The Drew Carey Show, aired in the show's sixth season.


Drew meets Suzanne, a single coworker who is about to have a baby. They hit it off and decide to go on a date. Everyone seems repulsed by the idea of Drew dating a pregnant woman, and Kate and Steve feel that he is just hoping to latch onto her kid. He does not think that one date is a big deal, but Steve warns that Suzanne views him as a potential father. All of the other pregnant women in the office assume that he has a "thing" for pregnant women and start hitting on him. Suzanne becomes extremely possessive of him and constantly makes demands on him. He does not want to see her again, because he's afraid of her. She goes into labor, and tries to list him as the father on the insurance forms. He finally dumps her, and she makes a move on an orderly. Meanwhile, elves Oswald and Lewis grow tired of the wrath of the store's sadistic Santa Claus. Drew cannot fire him because of the lack of available replacements, so Oswald and Lewis try kidnapping him so that he will be dismissed for skipping work.

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