"Fifi's First Christmas" is the third Christmas episode of the CBS drama series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, originally aired as the twelfth episode of the show's fourth season.


As the town prepares for Christmas, Dr. Mike receives an unexpected gift from her mother – a miniature poodle named Fifi that wreaks havoc through Colorado Springs. Ten-year-old Brian becomes smitten with Sara, an "older woman" of 11 who arrives in town with her recently widowed mother. He is then convinced the time has come to start acting more grown up, both so he can win her affections and because Brian is tired of being babied by people. He changes his hairstyle to a more cultured slicked-back look and gets into a fight with a boy who is competing for Sara's affections, but gets mad when Dr. Mike bails him out of trouble and is mocked for having a mother that fights his battles for him. At the same time, the Reverend Johnson recruits townspeople for the living Nativity he plans to stage.

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