Finding John Christmas is a 2003 television movie that first aired on CBS. The film is a sequel to the 2001 television movie A Town Without Christmas.


When a photojournalist photographs a mysterious stranger performing an act of bravery, the act quickly becomes headline news and the town dubs the stranger "John Christmas". After seeing the photo, Kathleen McAllister becomes convinced that the mysterious stranger is in fact her long-lost brother Hank. With the town's help, Kathleen and Noah set about to find the stranger's true identity with the help Max, a Christmas angel.

Filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada, the film featured a scene of a burning school based on the real Our Lady of the Angels School fire in Chicago, Illinois in 1958.[1]


Actress/actor Character
Valerie Bertinelli Kathleen McAllister
William Russ Hank McAllister
David Cubitt Noah Greeley (adult)
Justin Blackburn Noah Greeley (young)
Jennifer Pisana Soccoro Greeley
Maria Ricossa Marcy Bernard
Patricia Gage Eleanor McAllister
Peter Falk Max
David Calderisi Dr. Merkatz
Jeremy Akerman Antonovitch
Michael Hirschbach Dr. Flynn
Kenny Robinson Pawn Broker
Cassie MacDonald Tribune Assistant
Brian Heighton Police Officer
Craig Wood Fire Chief Vasquez
Juanita Peters Customer
Bill Carr Father
Stacey Smith Mother
David McLean Son
Jessica Parsons Daughter
Cecil Wright Tribune Guard
Tania Rudolph Tribune Staffer
Stan Carew Window Washer
Travis Ferris Paramedic
Novalea Buchan Morgue Clerk
Elizabeth Chiu TV Reporter
Glen Grant Rooming House Clerk
Michelle Sperry Hospital Staffer
Ty (Dog) Mitch
Hank White Poster Man
Lisa Snow (uncredited Jogge


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