Not to be confused with the 2016 animated feature of the same name for America.

Finding Santa is a Hallmark Channel original movie that premiered on November 24, 2017, as part of the channel's eighth annual Countdown to Christmas event.


Grace Long is thrilled to be taking over the town's Christmas parade, but when the man playing St. Nick breaks his arm, she needs to find a replacement, even if the replacement is unwilling.


Jodie SweetinGrace Long
Eric WinterBen White
Jay BrazeauTom White
Ava TelekAlyx
Karen KruperThe Mayor
Karen HolnessLeslie
Laura MitchellAmy
Dolores DrakeHolly White
Billy WickmanClint
Brenden SunderlandTucker
Katey HoffmanCaroline
Ian RozyloJeremy
Dion RileyBarista
Devon AlexanderStan
Maggie SullivunGrandmother
John ProwseGeorge
Martin Lo RimorinBaritone
Benjamin CrawleyKid
Mike CaversWanna-be Santa
Kristina StringiniCustomer (Book-Signing)

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