"Fired" is the Christmas episode of the ABC sitcom Life's Work.


After Visa raises their credit limit, Lisa decides that it's time for the Hunters to have tidings aplenty for Christmas (She and Tess decide to be Jewish, so they can have eight days worth of presents each!). However, things start looking dreary when Lisa is placed under a gag order on a case she's working on, and she accidently blurts out classified information to an obnoxious radio talk show host who has personally attacked her character. When the judge declares a mistrial, she is initially fired, but her job is reinstated because the D.A. feels the "voters frown on a working mother being fired during the holidays." So, in need of a fall guy, Mr. Nash takes the bullet, and it's up to Lisa to stand up to the pretentious D.A. and Mr. Nash's job back.

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