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Fish 'N' Chips

Fish and Chips is a song from Cricket on the Hearth. It is sung by Moll, which was Abbe Lane's only appearance in the special.


Diamond spurs and ocean trips
They don't go with tuppence tips
Don't feed me champagne talk, when we're eating fish and chips

Half-a-pints and smokey kips
Were never meant to touch my lips
Don't speak those flatt'rin words, when we're eating fish and chips

Can't you get out of a habit
Or say a mink when you mean rabbit
Or say a sable when you can't afford raccoon
You got caviar taste and shallow pockets, and you never ever buy me the moon

With my life, I've come to grips
Throw away your clever quips
I'm prepared to love you and to love my fish and chips