Sending You Holiday Fishes!

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Fishmas! is the Christmas-themed installment of WowNow Entertainment's Fishtales franchise, created by writer Lisa Baget and directed by Evan Tramel. It is the third spin-off feature that takes place during the Fish School year of Fishtales (2018).


It's Fishmas in Fishtail Reef, and Fifi and all her friends at Fish School are super excited to spend a fun-filled vacation with their families! But when a little shark named Ping goes missing after being chased away from his reef by some bullies, Fifi and Lily put their holiday plans aside to find Ping. As they search through the Reef, they hope they can bring everyone in town together to celebrate the most magical and Merry Fishmas surrounded by friendship and love. This Christmas, take a dive into Fishmas!


  • The title is teased at the end of the Thanksgiving class in Fishtales (2018) by the narrator saying "So stick around. Don't go away. For soon it will be Christmas day."

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